Our floating houses on Lake Velence

It has been a year since we handed over our floating houses on Lake Velence. The canopy covered terraces provide comfortable relaxation, the interior design of the houses has been created with careful planning in collaboration with suitable market suppliers. The design, use of materials and colour scheme are all unique to the basic types of Marinus Homes. The spaces are characterised by the use of light colours and natural wood. The built-in furnitures are Marinus Homes’ own joinery.

Flood in Budapart

Our floating houses at Budapart have passed the test of the flood! As intended, the buildings – designed with unique, flexible utility connections –, swam up in accordance with the changing water level. Our team and the operator designed and assembled the houses properly, so the beach had to close for only a week, then the guests could enjoy it again.

Our first public Marinus Homes project has been handed over!

We have implemented the buildings serving the Danube beach in Budapest; our task included project preparation, design, production and on-site construction.

In the project, Marinus Homes was a general designer and a general contractor for the floating houses. Our team installed two floating premises on the sandy shore of the Lágymányosi Bay-Kopaszi Dam as part of the most monumental district-development in Budapest.

A public park – on the spot, along the bay – was created with a capacity of 500 people.
The development consisted of two complex tasks: the landscape architectural plan of the plot and the design and construction of the structures serving the public park. In the spatial planning, we worked with the co-contractor BMP Építőipari Zrt., according to the plans of the Marinus Homes office.

The challenge was that the buildings, due to their location – a large watercourse – required a unique operation that also included the connected environment and utilities. The area may become submerged due to the intended movement of the water level of the Danube, and in case of flood, the water may raise the buildings even higher.


Accordingly, the floating houses of Budapart were deliberately made with the technological innovations developed for the Marinus Homes floating houses – prefabricated, lightweight superstructures built on elementary concrete floats – their special feature is that in response to the flood, they swim up according to the water level change, therefore they assimilate to the flood. Thus, they need not be lifted from their place by crane in the autumn and winter times. Thereby providing three seasons of direct waterfront life for the given coastline. This adaptability, the buoyancy, requires that the connection of the houses to the infrastructure also adapt to all this, so they are made with unique, flexible electrical and mechanical connections.

In terms of their function, the houses are the waterfront service units of the public park; a bistro premise with staff rooms, a medical room, and an open guest terrace; and a guest building with washbasin blocks and changing rooms, and last but not least a smaller, mobile, porter’s lodge which fits into the scheme.



Property Market Zrt.

Kopaszi Gát Kft.



Budapart 5. Kopaszi Dam, Lágymányosi Bay

Budapest, XI. district located in the vicinity of Lágymányosi-Bay, in the XI. district under the topographical number 4042/142

Preparation, planning:

From November 2019

Implementation / handover:

May 5, 2021


Our new project has started in the area of the Kopaszi Dam in Budapest, within the framework of the Budapart district development. Our task is to implement the waterfront environment and service buildings of the park, developing an area that can be a space for leisure and recreation on the banks of the Danube in Budapest.
Construction began in November 2020, preceded by careful planning.
The base has already been completed and it is planned that the beach will be open to the public in May 2021!

Client: Kopaszi Gát Kft.
Design, construction: Marinus Homes Kft.
Environmental construction: BMP Építőipari Zrt.
Planned implementation: May 2021

Our floating houses in the winter

Currently, our floating houses are in the Hidró port in Velence.

The installation of our floating house project on Lake Velence has started

In 2021, we will install the first ten-house floating house complex on Lake Velence. The operation of the residential park provides a private atmosphere, shore services (parking area, barbecue, park), and safe operation. The four-season houses offer a suitable place for a holiday home and a permanent residence as well. It is only 15 kilometers away from Székesfehérvár and 45 kilometers from Budapest.