Our floating houses in the winter

Currently, our floating houses are in the Hidró port in Velence.

The installation of our floating house project on Lake Velence has started

In 2021, we will install the first ten-house floating house complex on Lake Velence. The operation of the residential park provides a private atmosphere, shore services (parking area, barbecue, park), and safe operation. The four-season houses offer a suitable place for a holiday home and a permanent residence as well. It is only 15 kilometers away from Székesfehérvár and 45 kilometers from Budapest.

The pilot models of the Marinus floating houses have been completed

As a result of three years of preparation, infrastructure development and innovation activities, the development and investment works of the 5-type floating house family were completed by the end of October 2020.

The trained technical staff and engineers of the Marinus team are proud of the products made with modern machines in the brownfield investment in Balatonvilágos, which confirm our initial idea that the unique modular, prefabricated, well-transported floats and superstructures challenge.