The innovation of Marinus Homes’ floating houses is based on the intention to be able to install a premium quality floating house on the surface of any river or stagnant water in Hungary, without on-site production interfering with the given ecological environment. The solution is a system whose components can be prefabricated in high quality and precision, are easy to transport and are easy to assemble and install on site.
The basic goal of Marinus Homes’ research and development activities is to create concrete pontoon bodies that can be easily manufactured, require little maintenance, but at the same time provide adequate buoyancy, and are connected with innovative coupling elements. The elements that can be connected in a variety of shapes and sizes can be used for a number of needs. A key aspect of the development process is the elimination of the diadvantages of the previously known solutions, focusing ont he development of a coupling element with which the floor area, size and shape of the float made of concrete-based foam-filled pontoon elements can be easily changed.



Marinus floating houses are based on a floating body made of concrete pontoon elements, assembled in a modular system, which is suitable for almost any superstructure with any function. Pontoon elements with special couplings can be made into modular floats of various sizes. The floats can be 5, 6.25 or 7.5 meters wide, their length can be increased in 2.5 meter units – as required. As the 1.3 m high elements have a maximum draft of 1 m, they can also be used in our shallow waters. The size of the introductory prototypes varies from 50m² to 112.5m².


Adapting to the special water and port conditions, the superstructure has also been designed to consist of mostly prepared, pre-built units that can be quickly assembled on site.

In our light-structured buildings, we work with the most modern thermal insulation materials, wood-based panel and sheet products – that are currently known -, and the end result provides comfort equivalent to that of traditional homes’. The outer covering of the buildings is thermowood, and compact plating.

The insides of our floating houses at Lake Velence, are given a plasterboard covering, which can be wallpapered and painted on demand. We work with modern aluminum doors and windows and water-resistant wooden floors that can be selected according to individual needs. The safety and thermal parameters are the same as those of a 21st century light structural houses.
 A modulok mérete az úszómű és a csatolórendszer adottságaihoz igazítható. 

Development process

Our factory in Balatonvilágos was built on the abandoned site of the former Traubi factory. As a result, 3,000 sqm of factory space and office were created, and about 20 people worked on the development.
Following the design phase, in parallel with the official approvals, we started testing our floating houses on water in 2019 as a result of production and development.
The pilot model family was completed by October 2020 with an installation on Lake Balaton and Lake Velence.


Marinus Homes Kft. won a grant within the framework of the GINOP -2.1.1-15 call for proposals entitled “Support for the R & D & I activities of companies”. The aim of our winning project is a modular concrete float that can be manufactured simply, easily – even in several sizes – can be sorted linearly, is suitable for carrying an energy-efficient superstructure and provides adequate buoyancy, which meets several needs. Another innovation is the creation of a superstructure with a modular system, which can be varied in many forms and layouts, the use of innovative materials and the development of new furniture technologies.

Tender construction:
EIDHR -2.1.1-15 “Support for R & D & I activities of companies”

Supported by:
Ministry of Finance
Deputy State Secretariat for the Implementation of Economic Development Programs

Amount of contracted support:
961,385,064 HUF, the rate of support is 63.9%.

Identification number: GINOP -2.1.1-15-2015-00564

Project title:
„Research on the creation of an innovative concrete-based floating plant and the development of a modular superstructure”

Consortium leader:
Marinus Homes Limited Liability Company
1021 Bp., Hűvösvölgyi út 94/B
Company registration number: 01 09 203310
Tax number: 25160008-2-41

Additional beneficiary:
CoreComm SI Kft.
8200 Veszprém, Piramis utca 9.
Company registration number: 19 09 505735
Tax number: 12595644-2-19

Location of primary implementation:
8171 Balatonvilágos, Rizling út 3.

The subject of the project:

The aim of our R&D project is to develop concrete elements (pontoon bodies) that are easy to manufacture, require little maintenance, but provide adequate buoyancy, which can be attached in several shapes and sizes and thus enable the satisfaction of several needs. Another innovation is the creation of a superstructure with a modular system, which can be varied in many forms and layouts, and the development of innovative materials and innovative furniture technologies. The resulting superstructure floats are non-powered small boats that can be installed in public or private small boat harbors or berths as self-sufficient units as it is possible.

Planned completion date of the project: October 29, 2020.