Our goal is to develop innovative, environmentally friendly and highly liberating solutions related to aquatic life and experiences, and to utilize the water surface for residental, work and leisure purposes.

Our goal is to design, build and install floating houses that support the aquatic lifestyle and go beyond existing solutions, all based on working international experience.

We examined the production methods, installation solutions and operating variations of floating houses, which are deservedly popular in the world. Our modern floating houses are installed on pontoons with an innovative coupling element, which can be fitted together, so that they can be assembled into different sizes, ensuring maximum stability for the structure located on it, and preventing ripple.

Leading professionals

Kiss-Gál Gergely

Leading designer, architect designer


Pesta László

Chartered civil engineer responsible for the structural design of superstructures, ie houses


Schneider István

Plant manager, production manager, civil engineer



Marinus Homes Kft.

Mathiasz Innopark
8171 Balatonvilágos, Rizling út 3.
+36 30 237 4670