October 30, 2018

Following the design of the basic geometry and connection principle of the float, the basic material of the concrete, i.e. its exact recipe, was designed. At this stage, each design area and process interacts with each other and develops together. At the end of this nearly one-year workflow, the final geometry, recipe and manufacturing technology are developed. Experiments and trials on various concrete raw materials and geometries are a specific part of this research process. In addition to the determination of the standard compressive strength class known from high and civil engineering regulations and the prescribed fracture and freezing tests, it was also necessary to perform individual impact tests. In these special tests, experiments on specimens of the same geometry – but made of different materials and with different technologies – showed the final solution for material use and concrete production technology.

Our partners were: Pannon Építőműhely Kft., Ferrobeton Zrt., CRH Magyarország Kft., BME Department of Building Materials and Civil Engineering.